Brilliant Retriever Amazes Owner With A Child Koala Whose Life She Just Saved

Australia is never boring!

Kerry McKinnon was recently given a shock that’s probably impossible for any golden retriever owner in the world to get.

Temperatures in the area at times plummet to 5C in the early hours and not all animal has that fur coat to warm up like Asha.

Read The Story Carefully:
‘It was very early in the morning. My husband yelled out to me to come quickly and have a look at something. I couldn’t guess what he was talking about, but then I saw this little baby koala snuggled on top of Asha.’ Ms. McKinnon from Strathdownie in Western Victoria told

Admitting the moment caught her entirely off the hook as she wasn’t at first supportive of her adorable dog’s heroism, Ms. McKinnon continued: ‘I burst into laughter. Poor Asha doesn’t know what to think as she just kept looking at me with a confused look. She looked guilty when I came out to see what was happening. Asha’s expression was sincerely funny.’

‘She kept looking back at the Koala bear but wasn’t trying to get him off her. She was excited to let him snuggle into her. I think the koala bear baby had fallen out of his mum’s pouch and didn’t know what to do. He might have wandered over to our back porch and seeing the dogs in their beds, he decided to snuggle in Asha’s fur because it’s warm and nice.’

‘Definitely, Asha saved the Koala’s life by allowing it to stay warm in her fur. He might have died out there if abandoned all night. The poor thing could have also been taken by a fox or something too. It wasn’t, however, easy separating the two. The Koala placed a huge fuss on Asha’s back.’

‘My Husband Yelled Out To Me To Come Quickly And Have A Look At Something’

‘I Couldn’t Guess What He Was Talking About, But Then I Saw This Little Baby Koala Snuggled On Top Of Asha’

‘I Think The Koala Bear Baby Had Fallen Out Of His Mum’s Pouch And Didn’t Know What To Do’

‘He Might Have Died Out There If Abandoned All Night. The Poor Thing Could Have Also Been Taken By A Fox Or Something Too’

After Being Checked By A Vet, The Koala Carer Is Watching Over The Baby Until It Can Be Released Into The Wild

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