Brilliantly Clever Pun Business Names

We all love a good pun. But when it comes to naming a business is it always a good idea to use a play on words? In this case yes we do, as the following business names show, they are both witty and clever and they are very hard to forget. Whats not to love?!

1.This business for flowers, bouquets and arrangements has gone for it with ‘back to the fuchsia’!

2.This one might get lost on a few people who don’t know of the famous singer. But it a brillaint name for this wall and floor tilers business.

3. Perhaps are favourite for multiple reasons. I wonder if this tree service is run with three wise men.

4.You can be SURE to trust this business for all your locksmith problems. You’d have to be Sherlock Holmes to get past their locks!

5.I wonder how many children have burst into tears after seeing this fish and chip shops name. Poor Nemo!

6.Again you have to be into your music to get this one. We love the double puns with the slogan ‘Hello is it me your looking floor’

7. Urmm, we hope this Thai Take Away is not like its namesake…

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