Britney reflects on her life and remarks she feels okay with her weight.

Britney Spears is once again getting personal with her social media followers.

The “Piece of Me” singer, who is currently locked in an intense battle to end the 13-year conservatorship overseen by her father Jamie Spears, took to Instagram on August 14 to talk about weight loss.

Sharing two photos of her face, the artist wrote, “It’s really weird whenever I try to slim down it usually starts with my legs first … then my stomach … then my face … and that’s when I know I’ve actually lost weight !!!! When you swipe to the second pic you can actually really see how slim my face is but I’m not so sure I like it.”

She added, “In the old days when women were heavier they were considered more attractive to men because it was a sign of wealth. I have a couple of throwback dances from this summer where I looked heavier but it’s weird cause I think I was happier.”

Spears then apologized for the “shallow talk of weight,” explaining that “it is what it is, you know?”

Just one hour before posting about her weight loss, Spears shared another Instagram post, this time of her smelling a pink rose. In the caption, she explained that the mysterious “Project Rose” is now “one year and nine days old.”

While Project Rose has yet to be explained by Spears, some speculate that it may be connected to the Crossroads star fighting to end her conservatorship.

In an emotional court testimony on June 23, the Grammy winner detailed the ways in which the conservatorship, which is typically reserved for the elderly and incapacitated, was hindering her ability to live a full life. Spears, who headlined a Las Vegas show and released multiple albums while under her conservatorship, claimed she is not allowed to remove her IUD to have more children, or drive with her boyfriend in his car.

Last month, Spears was granted the ability to hire her own attorney to pursue the end of her conservatorship. Just this week, her father said he is willing to step down as her conservator — though a timeline has yet to be established as to when that will happen.



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