Caller Was Impolite To Boss’s Wife

Back in the day my dad used to run his business from home. One day, while he was out on a meeting, the phone rang and my mother picked it up. On the phone was a man asking to talk to my father.

My Mom: Good morning, I’m sorry I’m afraid he’s left. Can I help you?

Man: No. I just wanted to ask him something, I’ll call back.

Mom: Well you can but I’m sure he would prefer to have me pass along a message, so he can call you back when it’s more convenient for him.

Man: Listen lady, what I have to talk to him about is quite important, so I’d rather not rely on some secretary, I’ll call back. Hangs up

Later that day, the gentleman called back. My dad had been filled in by my mother, and we were all waiting for that call with excitement.

My Dad: Hello?
Man: Hello, I called earlier today, I’m looking to work for your company. Do you hire interns?
Dad: Actually we do. You called earlier When? Man: This morning. Your secretary picked up but you were out.
Dad: Oh, I didn’t get any message.
Man: Well, I told her I’d rather deal with the boss. I don’t trust secretaries, you see?
Dad: Oh, I see. Did she tell you she was my secretary?
Man: Well… no, but I guessed she was.

Dad: Ah. You see that’s funny, because I don’t have a secretary. I do however, have a wife. Man: Oh. Dad: You see, my wife and I talked about it, and realised that we really need to hire a secretary. It’ll just be easier for us, you know? However, we can’t afford both a secretary and an intern. Especially an intern who doesn’t trust secretaries, it would just be too complicated.

Man: No but I mean I could…. Dad: No, no don’t worry! I’m sure you’ll find something. My wife wishes you the best of luck. So do I. Goodbye now.

(and that was the best phone call I’ve ever had the chance to listen to. We may have lost the possibility of getting an intern, but it was so worth it)

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