Carrie Bradshaw’s Wedding Blue Heels Worth $2125 Found At A Thrift Shop For Just $35

Carrie Bradshaw’s royal blue heels have been appealing to brides who are looking for shoes as naturally as dresses since their launch in 2014. Women are constantly looking for these iconic pink and blue shoes for their special occasion, and they are undoubtedly quite expensive. Carey’s blue heels sold for $2,125, but fortunately, a demographer recently found a $35 heel at a thrift store.

38-year-old Dr. Liz Allen found Carrie’s blue shoes for $2,125 at Winnie’s store in Belconnen, Canberra, for just $35.

Australian National University’s Dr. Liz Allen found her heels at Vinnie’s store in Belkonen, Canberra. The shoe size is 38 Satin Blue Manolo Blahnik and the handmade stiletto heel looks identical to what Carrey wore in the 2008 movie Sex and City.

Sarah Jessica Parker played in the movie Carrie Bradshaw, and Mr. I was wearing these shoes to my engagement and wedding with Big. Allen, who studies her trends, didn’t want to share her iconic finds with her, so she took to Twitter to express her excitement.

“I found some Manolo Blahniks at Vinnie. $35 if anyone is interested. Allen captioned her photo and described the couple as a work of art. Unfortunately those shoes didn’t fit Dr. Allen, but ABC’s Tasmania. Journalist Erin Cooper offered to buy the shoes.

However, while Allen’s post went viral and received enthusiastic comments, some were skeptical of its authenticity. The user said, “I’ve been thinking about this shoe all night,” and the second user said, “This is the shoe of the proposal.


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