Celebrities Who Wore The World’s Most Awkward Outfits

Fresh meat, puffy dresses, tight-skin fishnets, really loose dresses… Celebrities have to go all out if they want to stand out on the red carpet. The risk and pain they’re willing to take often deserve some applause.

This collection is about celebrities whose outfits really screamed ‘uncomfortable’ to those who saw them. Some had opted for unusual materials; some had shoes asking for a major accident to happen. Some looked even impossible to move in! How could these celebrities ever survive wearing these?!

Lady Gaga really said she wants everything from the fresh meat section.

Lady Gaga really said ‘natural, no makeup’ look.

Did you guys know that Lady Gaga and Adam Driver are going to release a mystery, horror drama together? ‘House of Gucci’ by Ridley Scott is based on the true story of Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci. Yeah, the very Gucci guy who got killed in 1995 by the hitman Reggiani supposedly hired. The release date is set to be later this year.

Toni Braxton had to be extra careful that night.

Lady Gaga and the pair of shoes you only see on catwalks.

Nicki Minaj almost looked like she walked into a party in cosplay

We’re glad to know that Gigi Hadid’s Versace nip slip was a wardrobe malfunction. Else, there’ll be a barrage of question to explain that design.

Lady Gaga plan to steal everyone’s attention worked really well.

Chains are sexy, Amber Rose, but surely, there are better ways to wear them.

Amber Rose attended MTV’s Video Music Awards 2014 with her husband, Wiz Khalifa, and she perfected her scandalous look with silver jewelry and accessories. Then 30-year-old and a new mom, her daring look in the silver chain dress by Laurel DeWitt was praised by man, but surely, you can’t be comfortable sitting in one

Rihanna at least had a reason to bring that muffler with her.

Traci Bingham had not given the outfits’ side effects (and her makeup!) a second thought.

Z LaLa shows up in a full-fledged villain look in real life.

Lady Gaga doesn’t look like the type that wears any shoes shorter than 10 cm.

Britney Spears’ shoes looked like they’d definitely hurt, on top of leaving marks.

Rihanna. This was really pretty. Except that she might have gone a little overboard with the cape.

Rihanna’s gorgeous yellow gown won the Met Gala in 2015. Rihanna couldn’t stop gushing over how pretty the Chinese couture by Guo Pei was. But she did mention how she couldn’t really move around much without someone’s help. This dress actually took her around 50,000 hours to make!

Joy Villa. Why?



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