Cheating Husband Dumped With HUGE Billboard Sign

Partner cheating on you? Well, you could talk it through. Or send him packing. Or how about dumping him with a giant billboard sign. That both he and everyone else can’t miss on his usual commute to work?

Well an unknown only named as Lisa did just that when he let her husband know she ‘won’t be there’ when he gets home via huge billboard.

The sign which was strategically positioned alongside a busy highway in Sheffield, a city in northern England.
It read: “To my cheating husband Paul. You deserve each other. When you get home I won’t be there. Enjoy your drive to work! Lisa.”

The advertising company, Kong Outdoor, that sold Lisa the space for the sign, said she ordered it two weeks ago and “it was obviously planned in advance, she obviously had a date in mind,” Mark Catterall told CNN.

“It’s the busiest road in the city of Sheffield, with most of the traffic travelling to the city center. It’s one of the most prominent billboard locations in the city”. Lisa also opted for a digital screen “so she could deliver the message at the right time”, he said.

“She paid three figures for it,” Catterall confirmed; a sign for a week would normally cost £400 ($611). He also had suggestions for how the advertising method could continue to be used by members of the public.

Source – CNN

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