Chrissy Teigen Hits Back At Trolls Slamming Her Inappropriate Picture With Son

Ever since Chrissy Teigen becomes a parent, she receives countless complaints and hates from people who don’t like how she parents. But aside from being the loving and confident mom she is, she does not let these haters be. She is also famous for her clapbacks at people who always have something to say about how she does things.

She recently posted a funny picture of how she can never be left alone even when putting on her dress!

With her hands covering her breasts while Miles popping up between her legs, Chrissy captioned the picture, “Please move, mommy is trying to be thirsty.”

You really can’t stop your 2-year-old when he wants to hang around you. Doesn’t matter if you’re shaving your legs or trying to be thirst. A two-year-old also doesn’t care about what you’re wearing.

People love Chrissy’s raw moments with her family and praise her for being genuine; this is motherhood!

Many are loving the way she teach her son to be appreciative of women’s body, not disgusted or treat them like a shame.

But some people aren’t comfortable with it.


But Chrissy always knew better than to heed to the negative comments. If it’s not something that suits you, move on!

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