Cosplayer Jessica Nigri Nailed Inosuke Genderbend Cosplay

Jessica Nigri is a popular cosplayer with over 4.1m followers on her Instagram. Every day, she is very active on her social media, but her best cosplay ever was probably the female version of Inosuke. When most people think that Inosuke is a character only a guy can do as he’s topless, Jessica Nigri shows you how it’s done.

Not to mention she has a pretty face that fits Inosuke’s appearance perfectly.

Aside from Inosuke, she also does cosplay for Mitsuri Kanroji in alternate get up. Jessica Nigri is also an active streamer and mostly earn money from her OnlyFans account, which she made after closing her Patreon page.

While she’s considered one of the most R-rated cosplayers out there, she can be all out with her costumes as well.

Such as the pyramid head from ‘Resident Evil.’

Sharing on YouTube, Jessica shared the process of making the costume. The original Pyramid Head had the body of a man and only had simple wrapping below his torso. Jessica got creative and stuck to the grimy, dirty and bloody concept, while making it more feminine and sexier.

The work that was put into making the head alone was no joke. Jessica had to repeatedly recut the parts because she kept messing up the dimensions, but eventually, all her hard work paid off. The triangle head was particularly challenging because it had to be huge, but also at the right dimension for her head.

Here are more of her cosplays!

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