Customers at Chicken Restaurant Overhear a Woman Telling Manager She Can’t Pay.(Restaurant Manager’s Good Deed is Going Viral)

Have you ever been down to your last dollar and had a house full of hungry kids to feed? Thankfully, I’ve never been in that situation, but I certainly know what it’s like to be broke and worried about how I’m going to buy groceries. When a couple was enjoying a chicken dinner at a Houston, Texas fast-food restaurant, they were astonished to overhear a woman asking the man behind the cash register if she could speak to him privately. Although they were supposed to be having a private conversation, it was a small place and people could overhear what was being said. We’ve written this story before, but right about now, we could all use a feel-good story.

The older woman approached the manager of Frenchy’s Chicken, Ahmed Elmadhoun, and explained that in addition to the three-year-old grandchild she had with her, she had 10 more grandchildren waiting at home for her, and she had no food in the house. The woman made an unusual request: if Ahmed could give her some food, she would come back the next day to pay for it. Her car was also out of gas, and she offered to leave her identification cards with the man to reassure him that she would indeed return. The woman was clearly in a situation that was desperate and many people can relate to that.

God bless this man. We went into frenchys to get Journee some fries, there was a lady here with a 3 year old little girl. She asked the manager if she could get some chicken that she would pay for tomorrow when she gets her taxes. She says she has 8 grandkids at home and has ran out of food and gas. He bought her 25 pcs of chicken family sized fry and greens, he gave her bread drinks and cake with his own money. He told her you owe me nothing and if you get hungry tomorrow COME BACK. Then a patron of the establishment along with Andre Petties put gas in her car. LOOK AT GOD!

However, it was Ahmed’s reaction that stunned the rest of the people in the restaurant. He immediately jumped into action and started preparing a giant bucket of food for her to take home to feed her grandchildren, and even told her that he would pay for it and she didn’t need to return to re-pay him. He said in an interview with KHOU that this isn’t something he’s experienced before, but it seemed natural for him to do what he was doing. He said that the woman was embarrassed and he told her to not be because we all go through difficult times.

Ahmed included a huge box of chicken, several side dishes, and even some sweets for the children. But that’s not all. The other people in the restaurant came together to get some money to fill up her tank with gas. Watch this story in the video below.

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