Dads Falling For “Olive Oil In Your Car” Prank

There are many hilarious pranks floating around on the internet. So people on Twitter decided to get involved and got people to “text this person a massive lie and share their reactions here”. Of course this is all just harmless fun, and so we can all laugh at people freaking out.

A brilliant twitter account called @TheDad came up with an amazing prank that’s aimed at Fathers! All it takes is a little harmless lie and the kids text their dads a picture that makes it look like they’d just put olive oil in their car engines instead of motor oil. Of course people tried it and immediately started sending hilarious replies!

Luckily, we all know dads are quite chill and they are known for their amazing humour. So many of these texts have come back with a hilariously cheesy response. Most having seen straight through the ‘challenge’ but still going along with the banter. Some, however, fall for the prank and start to get a little, let’s say…stressed.

1.We love that this dad just text back with a ‘are you for real’ face

2.This Dad clearly saw through the prank straight away and came up with his own little dad joke.

3.Their is nothing like getting straight to the point with this response.

4.We can only imagine the huge sigh this dad took when he read the message

5. Poor dad is very adamant that it was not a good idea!

6. This Dad is less than helpful with his advice lol


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