During Virtual Court Hearing This Burglar Flirts With This Beautiful Judge

A thievery suspect has turned into a web sensation for improperly playing with a Judge who was managing his case. The bail hearing saw Defendant Demetrius Lewis showing up under the watchful eye of Judge Tabitha Blackmon. Seconds into stepping before the camera for his virtual hearing, Lewis, in a now-popular clasp, was seen making being a tease yet honeyed words moves.

A thievery suspect circulated around the web for playing with Judge Tabitha Blackmon, who was directing his case

Perhaps Lewis tried to break into a home in Fort Lauderdale while three children were sleeping. ‘How are you, how are you? The judge is so cool. I must tell you; “You’re great,” Lewis said in a video posted by WSVN 7 News on Twitter. At the
virtual audition, Demetrius Lewis flirted with Blackmon with his own words.

He went on to praise her and even told Judge Blackmon that he loved her. Blackmon was surprised by this and calmly replied. “Okay, Mr. Lewis. Flattery can get you everywhere, but it may not be here. “Undoubtedly, Lewis’ declaration of affection did not even come close to freedom as he was detained on $5,000 bail.


After the video was uploaded to the Internet, it drew comments and reactions, surprising netizens. “What can he lose at this moment?” the user asked. On the other hand, some agreed that Judge Blackmon was really good.
However, according to the New York Post, Lewis had previously spent four years in prison.

Similarly, in 2020, Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Blackmon as a member of Florida’s 17th Judicial District. She previously worked as a prosecutor in the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office and as a prosecutor in the Office of the Attorney General.

Internet users were equally impressed with the video, and some agreed that Judge Blackmon was great.

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