Dwayne Johnson Responds Shockingly On Carbon copy Cop

There have been a lot of celebrity lookalikes, but this time, even Dwayne Johnson himself is shocked by the uncanny resemblance between him and a police officer from Alabama. In fact, we had to give it double takes to process the fact that he’s, indeed, not Dwayne Johnson.

This is patrol Lieutenant Eric Fields, and he’s recently gone viral after sharing a picture where he looks so much like celebrity Dwayne Johnson.

The best part is how they both have the same muscled, tall built, and even shaved head. With a pair of sunglasses, they just look exactly the same, as in the pictures shown above.

Flattered, Dwayne Johnson called the man “way cooler” and thanked him for his service before casually asking if they could ever get a drink together.

And this sounds like we’ll definitely see it happen one day?!

Eric Fields has worked with Morgan County Sheriff’s Office as a Patrol Lieutenant and is often asked for pictures thanks to his appearance. For example, the office has shared another experience where a man asked for a picture with him!

“I’ve been called The Rock and Vin Diesel’s love child. I go along with it. It’s humorous. It’s flattering. It could be worse people, I guess,” said the man.

Sharing his experience with AL.com, he also added, “I just plan on being me. I’ll cut up. I’m a big cut-up. If it comes up and somebody says that, I’ll play along. I really couldn’t be anybody but me. I’m just glad I could be part of someone’s happiness and laughter.”


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