Eminem Serves From His Mom’s Spaghetti Restaurant In Detroit And His Fans Are Surprised

It’s almost 20years since Eminem rapped about vomiting his mom’s spaghetti in his iconic song Lose Yourself. Fast forward to 2021; the rapper has made Mom’s Spaghetti a reality, unveiling a restaurant in his hometown (Detroit). The restaurant name isn’t referencing his actual mom Debbie Nelson, but his 2002 mentioned above-hit song.

Eminem’s seminal song “Lose Yourself” has inspired a pasta restaurant in Detriot.

The restaurant is the result of a partnership between Eminem’s team and Union Joints Restaurant group.

Surprising his fans, the 48-year-old showed up to serve people in person and even snapped selfies at the restaurant, located in the alley between Union Assembly restaurant and The Fillmore (2131 Woodward Avenue). Delighted fans couldn’t help but share the selfies they took with the rapper as they were served. Eminem donned a grey hoodie over a white T-shirt serving the food to his fans.

During the restaurant’s grand opening, the rapper served patrons in person and even snapped selfies.

Eminem donned a grey hoodie over a white T-shirt serving the food to his fans.

A fan, Brendan Linden posted his snap with the rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, on Instagram with the caption: “Ready to die now.” In another, Eminem was seen flipping his middle finger to the camera. On Monday, the rapper had announced the restaurant on his official website, and it came after a successful pop-up in 2017.

Its menu includes, of course, spaghetti, with or without meatballs, and a s’ghetti sandwich.

While some people were concerned about the prices, others appreciated Eminem’s demeanor.

The first pop-up had surfaced at The Shelter, a music venue at legendary St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit in collaboration with Eminem’s Revival album. It again occurred at Eminem’s 2018 performance at Coachella, Governor’s Ball, and Firefly. He equally used his pop-up amid the COVID-19 pandemic, teaming up with Union Joints to deliver Mom’s Spaghetti to frontline workers at eight Detroit hospitals.

Lose Yourself was from the soundtrack of Eminem’s foray into films in 2002’s semi-autobiographical 8 Mile.

The rapper had announced the restaurant on his official website, which comes after a successful pop-up in 2017.

However, the walk-up restaurant is particularly called The Trailer, and it’s a nod to B. Rabbit’s trailer from 8 Mile, featuring Mom’s Spaghetti merch, items from the Eminem retail collection, including limited editions of coveted deadstock, and memorabilia from the Eminem archives. On the other hand, new drops and rotating stock will be happening in the retaining space, which is limited to 8 Stans at a time.

However, the restaurant name isn’t a reference to his mom Debbie Nelson with whom he had a troubled relationship.

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