Ex-Husband Of This Young Lady Cheated From His Wedding Announcement

It`s disheartening to find out your spouse is cheating, but ever imagine your husband cheating on you and getting married while still in a relationship with you? The aforesaid is the case of Nikyta Moreno who learnt her now exhusband cheated on her after he claimed he was never married via a wedding announcement featured in the New York Times.

Nikyta Moreno was startled when her marriage suddenly ended in 2017 but she officially just learned why

The Times announced the wedding of 35-year-old Lauren Millian and 30-year-old Robert Palmer on August 9, highlighting how they met at a New York sports club in Harlem in January 2017. During the same period, Nikita was still happily married to her husband, Palmer, but she was shocked when she insisted on her divorce in March. In an interview with the New York Post, she admitted that Nikita was shocked when she read Palmer’s wedding announcement when she found out what was wrong.

Interestingly, Palmer insisted that he had never been married before, and this led to Nikita’s turn away. The wedding announcement details how Palmer and Millian met during the 2017 workout. “I recognized Lauren and she was one of the few women who lifted weights. She was great,” admitted Palmer.

The couple chatted and soon went on a date outside the gym. On the second outing, the couple began to stay awake late, talking until dawn. They neared May and Palmer soon became close with Mylian’s children from her past marriage. On December 29, 2018, Palmer made an offer and they got married on August 2nd. 25 guests gathered. However, the Times missed one detail. When Palmer began her courtship with Mylian, she was still married.

Moreno met Palmer at the gym in the summer of 2013, where he admitted that he was looking out the window and gesturing at the same time. The two moved together and got married on December 23, 2015 at a civil ceremony. The big wedding was originally scheduled for August 12, 2017, but Palmer did not attend.
Moreno bought her her dress, placed her deposit at her venue, and completed her menu. Likewise, Moreno’s parents worked hard to book plane tickets and keep their marriage alive. “Everything has changed dramatically,” Moreno said.

She added:
‘We visited Texas for his friend’s wedding and we discussed the details of our wedding. From there, I knew something was wrong. When we got back he insisted we needed a seat. I thought he was stressing out about his wedding plans, so he promised to leave for a week to stay with his friend. When I returned, he wanted a divorce.”

Unfortunately, Moreno found out she was pregnant that same month, but miscarried and blamed stress and pain. She said Palmer did not show up to the hospital despite repeated calls. However, their divorce became official in January 2018, and Moreno is currently putting the case on hold. She wishes her ex and her new wife well and luckily she met someone who is described as a wonderful creature on Earth.


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