Family from Portland, Oregon chose their new house color by holding a neighborhood poll.

This family in Portland decided to hold a poll in the neighborhood to choose the color their house was painted with.

We all know the family fights one has to go through when mutually deciding a paint color for your house. However, the Landreths came up with a mind-blowing idea.

The family had to help their daughter for a statistics assignment and paint their house. They decided to kill two birds with a stone and turned their house painting into a statistics assignment.

The family of four picked five possible colors for their new house paint, then painted swatches on the side. Later they put up a scannable QR code. It was intended mostly for their neighbors to use to vote.

They made the survey fun by adding a few puns here and there. For example, the rankings said, “1 being HGTV level amazing and five being ‘Yuck, I seriously can’t look at that color every day.”

The paint options included Rocky Mountain, Wild Orchid, In Good Taste, Blessed Blue, and It’s Well.
Although initially, only a few neighbors participated, things took a turn pretty fast.
One of the neighbors found it hilarious and posted the idea of twitter.

People loved it. He also posted the link to the Google Doc link for the survey. It was quickly flooded with responses. 100,000 or so, to be precise.

Brian Landreth also came across the viral post and edited the survey a little to make it more fun. People loved it.

Where people had fun with the survey, the Landreths got lucky and were approached by the miller paint company who not only sponsored the house painting but also donated $500 to the Harriet Tubman Middle School PTA, where the Landreths’ daughter goes.

The final vote count was over 150,000, and the color the public chose was Number 4, aka Blessed Blue.
The Landreths were thrilled with the decision and happily announced it on social media after the reveal.

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