Family Got A Lie Detector Machine

A family got a new lie detector gadget. The machine would buzz whenever a lie was told, so the father decided to test it out at dinner.

The father asked, “What did you do with your lunch money today at school son?”

“I just bought lunch”

The machine buzzed, and the kid starting sweating as the Mom and Dad looked at him, until finally saying, “I used it to pay someone I owed money to”

The machine buzzed for a second time, so the Son stood up and told the truth.

“Fine, I used it to gamble on a poker game…”

The father scolded him, saying “I never gambled when I was your age!”

And the machine buzzed again.

Everyone at the table started laughing.

When the laughter cleared up, the mom looked at the father, spoke up and said, “What can I say? He is your son after all.”

And the machine buzzed again.

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