Four Times Engaged Woman Slammed For Rating Her Rings As ‘Gaudy & Too Dainty’

The internet remains a cruise! But you’ve got to be careful with what you put on it so as not to be in its red book. Being in a red book solely means being slammed for your actions or statements. And an excellent example is the story of a woman who recently took to TikTok to rate her four engagement rings from previous failed relationships.

A woman (unidentified) took to TikTok and rated the engagement rings given from her failed relationships.

The woman in a now-viral clip flaunted the numerous sparklers she has been given and scored them out of 10, hinged on her opinion of the rings. Her first proposal didn’t come with a ring, so she gave it a zero and explained she was young, dumb, broke, and without a diamond ring. According to the woman, her second proposal didn’t fare much better, although there was a ring.

For the first, she rated it a zero and revealed she was young, dumb, broke, and said yes with no ring.

The woman claimed the second ring (pictured below) is as ugly as the giver’s heart and soul.

She rated it one out of 10 and claimed it’s ugly like the giver’s heart and soul. The third ring was dubbed gaudy, and YES, the woman gave it a three. Fortunately, her fourth engagement ring was applauded than the others as it got an eight out of 10. Well, she wasn’t all satisfied with it. “A little too dainty but my favorite.” The woman said.

For the third, the woman claimed she wanted an emerald cut and rated it as gaudy AF.

The fourth ring turned out to be her favorite, yet she rated it a little too dainty.

The Sun reported that photos from the videos have since been shared on a ring shaming website on Facebook. And as expected, the members of the group, without hesitation, slammed the woman’s rating. One person wrote: “How many s*** engagement rings before you work out you might be the common denominator?” Another added: “How many engagements do you need, though?!” While a third stated: “And I can’t get one proposal, dammit.”


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