Girl Accidentally Texted Boyfriend About Her Plan To Date Another Guy

Some people are really unfaithful creatures who can’t love with their whole heart and it shows. For Jordan, it was when his girlfriend texted him a really long message of how she’s anxious about her date plans tomorrow.

Jordan has been taking work shifts in order to save up for his getaway plan with his girlfriend. But it seems this sacrifice of him appears to be an inconvenient to girlfriend, who is tired of him being at work all the time. So, she has been hooking up with someone else behind him.

She accidentally texted this message.

Jordan decided that the ultimate revenge and closure would be to end the relationship and shared the message for the world to see. Along with the perfect hashtag that ends it with a boom.

But Jordan does not have ill meaning towards her.

It must have hurt, but at least Jordan knew then that she was not the one. A lot of people were also cheering on him and felt that “Yikes!”

Zoe tried to tell him it was a nasty dream. Yeah, Jordan probably had hoped for that, but the reality was that she wanted to send that to her friend and it accidentally got sent to her.

Now, Jordan is happy with a new relationship!

We hope Jordan can go on a happy forever-ever-after ending! And make sure to go on that fun getaway soon after the pandemic is over.

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