Girl Who Is 14 Was Removed From Her Cheerleading Yearbook Photo Because Of Her Down Syndrome

When two photos of the Shoreline Middle School support team in Utah were posted online, they were immediately nearly identical. The girls in the photo are all wearing blue and white uniforms, matching pompoms, and smiling at the camera.
However, there is a difference between the photos, which is causing controversy on the Internet. The photo showed a 14-year-old girl with Down syndrome as the team leader, but the other person in the yearbook did not appear and was expelled from school.

Morgin Arnold is the victim. In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune, Morgyn’s sister Jordin Poll said she was shocked to learn that Morgyn was not in her yearbook photo with the support team. Similarly, her father, Jeff Arnold, told BuzzFeed News that the family was not interested in prosecution, but his daughter had a hard time.

Jeff didn’t want to see him anymore when he found out that he had never been photographed because he admitted that taking home his yearbook was the highlight of the school year. “I told Morgin, are you okay? How are you feeling? She said, “I’m sad, but these are my friends.” Jeff said. He said Morgin’s situation was about embracing people as well as people with special needs. He said he hoped to get him to talk more.

“We are all unique and special in our own way,” he said. How can we get everyone to pay more attention? If you don’t know, I know there are people who have contacted us and have had the same experience. But their children are no less important than Morgyn. Just because people gathered around her. I think it’s a reminder of the importance of being considerate and devoted to everyone. And how can we be better when we can’t? » I have
photos. See the difference.

It is unclear who and why requested that Morgin be removed from the picture. However, according to Davis School spokesperson Shauna Lund, the school district has apologized to the Morgin family and is taking steps to prevent similar incidents in the future. Their statement to BuzzFeed News said: “We apologize to the family and sincerely apologize to others affected by this mistake. We will continue to discuss this issue with the student’s parents. It will never happen again. We will continue to monitor the process to ensure that it does not exist,” he said.

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