Harvard Scholar Explained The Psychology Of ‘Not All Men,’ And It’s So Articulate

It is really annoying when you’re rage-tweeting about gender inequality and blurted out words like ‘men are so oppressive,’ to be replied with – not words of consolations or asking if we are okay – but ‘not all men.’

Evelyn, a Harvard scholar with two Master’s degrees in gender-based trauma, explains what ‘not all men’ response means.

“Hi. I specifically studied gender-based trauma, and I have two relevant degrees from Harvard on this. Let’s talk about men who say ‘not all men,’” Evelyn began.

“This behavior comes from three sources. First, this a male pick-me behavior.”

“That a total delusion by the way,” Evelyn immediately followed up.

“In patriarchy, everyone has internalized misogyny, sexism, and oppressive ways to treat women. That’s why we all gotta unlearn patriarchal ways of behaving.”

Second, it’s “the need to control women’s voices.”

Evelyn points out that these men are more focused on how women express themselves, aka tone-policing, rather than being bothered that men are doing all kinds of horrible things. These men are more bothered about how we worded our fear and concerns rather than the fact that we are scared.

And the third source is “male superiority complex.”

Evelyn explains how their superiority complex is related to the ‘male pick-me behavior.’ By saying, ‘not all men,’ they’re suggesting that women should instead find another better man, like them. Rather than trying to find a fix to toxic patriarchal behaviors, they made women think that getting a man would fix the problem.

But Evelyn reminded, “That’s not true, by the way.”

People couldn’t have agreed more to everything she said and thanked her explanations.

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