Heartwarming Story: Doctors Made A 3-D Print Of An Ultrasound For A Blind Expecting Mother

Can you imagine what it would be like to be without sight during pregnancy? Yes, your other senses may be heightened to feel your little baby move inside you and to hear all the nuances of that fast little heartbeat during the ultrasound; both are absolutely amazing to feel and hear. However, there is nothing like seeing the shape of the nose and ears on an ultrasound. Or see the little fist that she makes with those little hands while she carries within you.

Tatiana Guerra, 30, from Brazil, lost her sight at the age of 17, and by the 20th week of pregnancy she had to rely on her doctors to describe what her little one looked like on an ultrasound.

Tatiana was in for a surprise. While she was speaking with the doctors, asking them to describe what he looked like, they were having a 3D image printed of the ultrasound so she could “see” her child for herself. The 3D printed ultrasound was quite the surprise for Tatiana.

Here Tatiana smiles as her doctor describes her baby saying: “His nose looks like yours. His two little eyes are closed,”

After the question “If you could touch it, would you know what it is like?” And her answer “Yes.” she gave him a cloth-wrapped package with her baby’s three-dimensional image on it

“I am your son” is written in Braille above the image; With this image she could feel what his baby was like, whereas before she could only imagine that he had a small chin and chubby hands, now she knows.

Here is the video of her seeing her son, Marilo for the very first time before he was born:

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