Here Are 24 Of The Best Tweets About Netflix’s “Squid Game” As Its Ended

And here we are. Netflix Original series ‘Squid Game’ from South Korea was a wild rollercoaster ride, but we’ve reached the end. The game of death that brought people of all backgrounds and cultures, the unexpected twists, the tears, and laughter… people are sharing what they felt after the show was over.

The 9-episode series boasts a list of amazing actors and actresses from Gong Yoo’s cameo appearance to Lee Jung Jae’s impeccable acting.

The people turn to Twitter, summing up their feelings after the show. You really don’t see games the same anymore. If you haven’t watched it, definitely be warned because there are SPOILERS ahead! It’s 9-episode long, perfect for your weekend binge-watching before you come back here!


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