Here’s What Happens To Your Hotel Soap After You Check-Out

Have you ever thought about what hotels do with the leftover bars of complimentary soap? Can you imagine how many bars of hotel soap would have to get thrown away every day? Of course due to hygiene it is hotel policy to throw out even the unused ones.

This seems like such a huge waste since there are so many people who suffer and lose their lives from diseases due to poor hygiene and lack of proper sanitation.

One man decided to do something about this. Meet Shawn Siepler, he came up with an amazing solution to fix this problem. He set up Clean The World (CTW) which works to recycle all the hotel soaps and then donates them to countries in desperate need.

They are able to melt down all the old soap bars including the used and make them into brand new bars.

So far 20% of hotels in the United States work with Clean The World. This is hoping to increase as the company grows, and as much waste as possible is avoided. So help to do your bit by either taking your used soap home with you, or look to see if your hotel is aware of these organisations. We can all help to stop millions of soap going into landfill and benefit those in need.

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