Hidden Camera Captures Hilarious Moment Dog Jumps On Furniture

We absolutely love dogs, who doesn’t?! They are loyal, loving and the most precious creatures and every dog has their own cute characters. However while most of the time they can be very well behaved, every now and again you get a glimpse of their mischievous side. Take this Pit Bull in the video below as a perfect example. Completely lovable while also being terribly disobedient! And what’s amazing is his owner caught all of his mischief on camera. The probably being who could be mad at such a gorgeous doggy!

The video is titled When the dog stays at home alone. The owner was convinced that while the dog was alone it was breaking the house rules of not climbing on the bed. So they set up a hidden camera to see once and for all what happened when the dog was left alone.

The video starts with the owner leaving the apartment. After the owner leaves the pit cautiously approaches the bed. He takes a few moments to sniff the bed and to think about what he’s about to do. Before he leaps on the bed and completely ignores the rules!

At first he appears quietly pleased with himself. All the while still checking that his owner hasn’t returned and caught him. But once he realises he has gotten away with it, he begins ‘dancing’ around the bed in pure delight! He is clearly having a great time, rolling around and wagging his tail. It is a brilliant victory dance!

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