Hilarious Genuine Product Reviews Online

Hilarious Genuine Product Reviews Online

It is so hard now a days to buy a product without first trawling through a million different useless reviews. While its good to have a mix of opinions it makes it so hard to find the truth and know if the product is worth purchasing. This is why we really love these hilarious reviews that while being brilliantly funny, also give great reviews of the product. Check them out for yourself.

1.Not sure what this person was expecting from a baby’s ‘lift-the-flap’ book but from the review they was clearly disappointed. Maybe they has hoping for a plot twist at the end?!

2.First of all I am astounded that this banana slicer is a real thing. But I bet it makes the ‘oh so hard’ job of slicing a banana that much easier thanks to this contraption, this person certainly thinks so too!

Hands down one of the best reviews I have ever read.

4.This customer has explained in detail the perfect scenario in which this mouse serves its purpose at being silent, so much so we are concerned for his relationship haha

5.While we appreciate the ‘inclusiveness’ these pens are trying to bring, we are living for the sarcasm that this lady has put into this review. Apart from being ‘pretty and pink’ these pens are clearly nothing out of the ordinary to other plain pens on the market.

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