Hilarious Photos Of Birds Caught Acting Like Jerks

While a cat is a perfect example of an animal that can totally come across as a jerk due to its mischievous ways. Birds can be the ultimate jerks. They look all sweet, innocent and fluffy with their little sing-songs, yet how many of us have been pooped on by these flying hooligans.

Also seagulls are hands down the worst thanks to the way they seem to dive bomb anyone that has a hint of food. But as it turns out, it’s not just seagulls that are evil, there are other types of birds that aren’t as sweet and innocent as they may make out. So here is a few photos that capture just how much jerks they can be!

1.I guess they weren’t lying when they said he destroys EVERYTHING

2.This menace has decided this cup of coffee will make the perfect perch to rest on.

3.We guess this cockatoo did not want to be caged

4. In this birds defence they cant read. But I’d definitely be asking for my money back as this piece of tech is far from repelling the birds.

5.We need to find the back story to this picture, it is priceless

6.This goose wanted to make its mark.

7.Out of all the cars in this car park I guess the bird/birds just have a thing for this particular car.

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