Hilariously Strange Pizza Delivery Requests

Working in customer service is hard. There is nothing more peculiar than people and there odd requests. Here we have complied a few of the most strangest instructions and some of them are utterly brilliant. Well done to the fast food workers for playing along and seeing the funny side.

1.This order came through with a special instruction to cut the pizza into a pentagram. Basically the shape of a five-pointed star.

2.This guy has made sure to blame his girlfriend for the very specific way in which they want the garlic bread cooking, extra crispy.

3.We love seeing the drawing requests. This one has done a great sketch of the dinosaur meme for this request for a dino on the box

4.We are so glad this worker took the time to read the instructions and pulled through with a very motivational cat with ‘hang in there’ to cheer up these co-workers who needed a boost on their shift.

5.These instructions are both sneaky and brilliant. We wonder if they got caught with the pizza or whether they got to enjoy the whole thing to themselves.

6. This person is being extremely specific about the crispyness of the crust they want on the pizza. The detail and explanation is brilliant!

7. Now this is epic art. This drawing does not disappoint, hope they got a tip for drawing this amazing caricature giraffe as requested


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