Husbands Of These Twin Mother 60 And Daughter 30 Often Get Confused Because They Are So Look Alike

The mother and daughter surprised the Internet with their looks so similar that even the husband repeats the mistake. Don Habscher, 60, from Florida and New York, and Cher’s 30-year-old daughter are mistaken for twin sisters, but are actually just mother and daughter.

At first, Cher found it odd that she was the only child at school with an inappropriate mother, but soon fell in love and invited Don to her bachelorette party as one of the girls. The
similarities between the two have garnered 75,000 Instagram followers, and interestingly, the twin appearances of the two have even confused her relatives, including Cher’s husband, 30-year-old Jared Hopman.

“There was a time when my mother and I wore the same color clothes. We both have long hair and our backs are very similar. Her husband approached her mother and kicked her ass, thinking it was the real me. Every guy I’ve met always said they knew what I wanted in 30 years and they were delighted to see that I hadn’t changed much.”

“A lot of people always mistake my mom and me for sisters. Her mom’s friend believed she was talking to her and called her to me. I was 15 when people started saying we were alike. I’ve always wanted a typical mother, but as I got older I started to appreciate what I had. And fortunately, my mom showed up and she acted young, so we became best friends, and she even got to attend a bachelor party,” Cher explained

Authors Dawn and Cher have co-authored a book that describes their journey, along with tips on how to create the mother-daughter relationship of their dreams. The book is titled “Relationships That Last Forever.”

“Daughters will receive practical advice on everything from teaching forgiveness to, most importantly, how to communicate with their mothers even though they are generational apart. So, the mother will be able to find her guidance on how to balance engagement and parenting in her helicopter while keeping her friends and loved ones, Don added.

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