Husbands Who Got Tired Waiting For Their Wives

For some people shopping can be a very therapeutic experience, for others it is tedious and tiresome. Getting to the store, you have a list of things that you need to buy, you wander up and down the aisles trying to find exactly what you want.

A perfect example is clothes shopping; this can bring joy to us women, but men aren’t usually on the same wavelength. Neither the less because you want to spend time together (and also need someone to help carry the bags around the shops) you persuaded your husband to come along. However it is clear from very early on, that they are not as interested in that cute top as you are. Sure they feign interest but at a certain point you can see all patience is gone and they just mop along behind you for the next few hours.

An Instagram page called Miserable Men has compiled a brilliant selection of pictures that show just ow much men “have fun” taking a trip to the shops with their wives.

1.This is a perfect example of all the men sat looking extremely bored while waiting while their partners shop for lingerie

2.This old man was clearly bored waiting, so sat in the kids corner and had a little doodle.

3.These two men might not know each other, but in this moment, they have a lot in common.

4.This father son duo sat bored waiting…

5.This man has decided to take a not so subtle nap

6.Another group of men looking very bored in a lingerie store

7.Nap buddies


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