Husky Dog Goes to the Shelter and Picks Out a Kitten to Take Home

When a Tamaskan Husky named Raven decided to get a kitten, she wasn’t in a hurry to pick out the one she wanted. She knew it was a lifelong commitment and she took it seriously. Also, Raven was still a puppy. So when she went to the Lubbock, Texas animal shelter last August, she wanted to find a kitten she could grow old with. As it turns out, one by one, four different kittens were brought to Raven, and some didn’t show much interest, and others just weren’t enjoying the experience at all. But one kitten named Woodhouse was a formidable feline and she was the one.

Raven’s owner, Christina, said that she always wanted a dog and cat who could grow up together, and it’s been a sort of life goal of hers. In the case of Woodhouse and Raven, it was like it was a match that was made in heaven. Raven came to Christina’s home last July as a puppy, and a month later, they went looking for the kitten that would complete their little family. However, Christina very wisely knew that Raven had to be in on the selection of her new companion and adopted animal sibling. Christina wanted to make sure they got along very well and actually meet before they all moved in together.

These days, the dog and cat are inseparable, and Christina says they’re “perfect with each other.” She said that they don’t cuddle as much now as they did as babies, but they’re still together all the time. Woodhouse loves to chase Raven around the house, and they play a sort of tag together. They also celebrate their birthdays together and travel together. They enjoy mealtime together, usually, and they sleep together at night. Just like siblings.

Here’s a great photo of their latest birthday party.

Here’s a photo of them on a trip together.

And at the end of the day, they cuddle up together. These two are adorable.


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