“I bought my nephew a lottery ticket, but he refused to share the money with me.”

You don’t ask for gifts, this kind of stunt never flies. But one woman still wondered if he was asking too much of her nephew to share her lottery prize with her, who is struggling in poverty.
she shared her story on Reddit after she was prevented from communicating with her nephew. When she was asked about the money, she said it was “a question of whether or not to eat,” but it should also be a gift.

“AITA for thinking my nephew should share his lottery winnings with me? (I bought the ticket).”

The woman thought that her nephew can be nice enough to share some of the winnings. But as they got into an argument, the nephew hung up on her and later blocked her completely. The woman argued that she really needed the money and asked if what she did was just not it.

Many people believe she shouldn’t have done so. A gift isn’t meant to be asked back.

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