“I Had An Affair With My Best Friend’s Fiancé For 12 Years – I Hated Myself”

From reading the title alone, most of you must have formed a judgment about Diana. That’s fine and pretty normal but then dive into the whole story before making a final verdict. The Sydney-based recently shared how she met with her former best friend when she was five and instantly became inseparable.

But it was when the friends were in their 20s, Diana’s friend got a boyfriend, and everything changed. In an episode of the Australian TV show SBS Insight – Friends Forever, 47-Years-Old Diana admitted the alleged affair started when her best friend traveled overseas to visit her family for months.

Diana and her best friend were inseparable, but a 12-year sexual affair deeply broke the bond.

“During that time, she’d ask me, oh, keep an eye on my boyfriend. At that time, they’d been dating for about three years and during that time as a trio. We became inseparable,” Diana told SBS Insight. She added that one day she and her friend’s BF went to the movies together, and on returning, he made a move which, of course, she accepted.

“But at the same time, we were both surprised that we crossed that line and that we, you know, kissed and made out. At that time, we were saying this won’t happen again; it’s just a one-off. Over time, it just kept happening.”

Diana succumbed to her friend’s BF advances as it made her felt more confident and helped with low self-esteem.

The BF started caress Diana behind her friend’s back or tried and kiss her out of sight. It happened on and off over the years until it resulted in sexual. Diana explained that she succumbed to his advances as it made her felt more confident and helped her with low self-esteem. When all three reached their 30s, the BF asked Diana how he should propose to her friend even while still having an affair.

Diana shared that she suggested a romantic picnic, and of course, her friend and BF got engaged. Nothing was said at this time, but Diana’s conscience was beginning to prickle her. Well, a couple of years later, she decided to end things. So instead of speaking to her friend about the affair, Diana planned a situation that would have her and the fiancé caught in the act.

Having split the milk through a staged act, the couple remains together while Diana was considered “dead to her.”

After twelve years of their secret affair, Diana kissed her friend’s husband-to-be in clear air. She continued: “I didn’t know how to end the friendship, and I just decided that night, he made a move on me again, and I decided that I’d make our dalliance known to her. She wasn’t too far, and so she saw us, she heard us, and she caught us making out.”

Diana stated that she, however, got relieved but was also left heartbroken and filled with shame, especially as their friendship had to end this way. She tried to contact her now ex-best friend after the incident but was told that she was ‘dead to her,’ which of course broke Diana’s heart and brought on more self-disgust, guilt and shame.

Nonetheless, Diana has since realized that she had no confidence during the affair and eventually was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. On the other hand, it has led her to accept herself, her faults, and her bad decisions. At the moment, she’s no longer the woman she was once. And to this, we say, this is courageous!


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