‘I Stopped A Woman Who Was Stealing Veggies From My Green House, And People Are Calling Me A**hole’

Stealing is bad. Robin Hood’s story of being a vigilante is a pretty bad excuse to say that the end justifies the means. It borderlines on entitlement because just because someone has it better than you does not mean they must listen to your whines and pleads.

Is pressing charges against a woman for stealing vegetables from a greenhouse sounds horrible? We’ll let you be the judge as you read this story that was shared on the subreddit ‘AITA (Am I The ***Hole)’ by an Englishman.

Am I wrong for refusing to let a woman take my vegetables from my greenhouse and pressing charges?

It appears that a woman has decided to trespass and steal this man’s vegetables. What appears to be very unacceptable was the woman’s attempt to lie her way by saying that she knows the owners. She also brought (who seems to be) her teen child to steal, then tried to escape with the vegetables.

After that, she cried her way out, saying that she needed food for her child. But this man was adamant – theft is theft. A crime has been committed, and the least he could do was tell her to leave the vegetables there.

He later receives threats and insults online, although ‘most are telling her she’s in the wrong.’ Stuck in a dilemmatic situation, he turned to Reddit to find answers and opinions.

People reassured him that he’s not wrong because she was the thief.

One wrote, “She stole from you. She should have talked with you beforehand. The fact that she has the lie “I know the owner” ready to go makes me think she’s used to stealing.”

One shared their story of a similar account, “We had this going on in my neighborhood a few years back. These two middle-aged women would make the rounds of backyard gardens and help themselves (during the day when most people were working). When caught they’d babble in another language and pretend they didn’t know English.

“Finally, after other methods failed to stop them the police were called as the victims knew where they lived. Two visits later from the police they finally stopped. We called it “The Case of the Purloined Produce.”

Another added, “It was clearly a private greenhouse, she lied about knowing the owner, she filled a bag full, and then she complained about it a theft being added to her record. She knew she was doing something illegal, completely her fault. She’s just mad she got caught.

A user added, “Assuming you are in the US, if she needs food assistance, there is SNAP (food stamps), the food handouts that are going on all over, and churches who will giver her food.”

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