Illustrations of a Husband and Wife in Everyday Life

Are you coupled up and thinking that your life has become somewhat routine? Take a fresh look through the eyes of an artist.

Curtis Wikland, an artist and photographer, has shared a unique way of capturing his everyday life with his partner and family. Here are 6 of his sketches that show moments that you may think of humdrum, can become poignant and meaningful memories in years to come.

Put Yourselves in the Spotlight


No matter how busy you are, remember to take time to focus on the two of you together. Literally, shine the light on your relationship! Reflect on what you mean to each other, and what you share together.

Remember to Follow Your Bliss


Do you have a “happy place”? You know, that place where you just love taking time out. Whether it’s walking in the outdoors or balancing on a log like you did when you were a kid, keep doing it. Even if it’s in a daydream or talking about a time together, it’ll keep that feeling of being in that special place.

3. Make Your Home Your Own


Setting up your first home together? It’s not only about balancing the items you’ve bought at IKEA on the roof of your car! Choose household items and furniture that you are both going to love and utilize in your home.

Do Your Own Thing But Be Together


Sometimes that time when you unwind just before sleep it is the best time to be together but in your own ways. That quiet time where there is no need to speak and you read, write or draw is special – enjoy it.

Enjoy the Everyday Stuff


Yes, even those moments where your hair is standing on end and you’re both spitting toothpaste out of your mouth can be special! There’s a lot of lighthearted fun can be had with each other’s oddities!

Relax in Your Own Ways


Some of us like to relax by daydreaming and letting our minds wander, other like to immerse themselves in a good book. Either way, spending time together on that comfy couch you brought home on the top of your car from IKEA are moments that in years to come you will remember as good times.

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