Illustrator Duo’s 17 Hilarious Comics On How They Welcomed Their Newborn Son

Welcoming a child is such a memorable thing for parents. Yehuda and Maya Devir, the illustrators behind ‘One of Those Days,’ have just welcomed their second child, Ethan. Of course, they have to celebrate it with hilarious, wholesome parenting comics on the chaotic life that takes over after the magic.

The couple shared their excitement in caring for their newborn son with their 5.5 million Instagram followers in their comics!

The two welcomed their healthy baby boy, Ethan, at 4.6 kg, in April!

Baby Ethan immediately got his own Instagram page featuring the chaotic early lives in the form of comics from his parents!

We can all totally relate that caring for babies is just a lot of mess!

Oh, and did we mention that Ethan has an older sister, Ariel?!

It’s just so heartwarming seeing how much they dote on their little one.

Every second of entertainment is SO precious right now.

It’s exhausting, messy, and chaotic. But also so fulfilling and rewarding.

And when all hell breaks loose, you sometimes just want to cry along.

Moms also need breaks after 9 months of hard work.

“Mission Impossible: Booster Setup.”

“Role Model.”

I celebrated it with a bit of a mess, but congratulations on your anniversary!

“Home Olympics.”

The family has been busy with many projects since 2019’s lockdown.

Yehuda has been busy producing an online series titled “The Heartists,” featuring the behind-the-scenes of their lives as artists. Yehuda loves illustrating, but the online documentary-of-sorts dive in-depth to reveal that making comics for them is more than just drawing.

“Unlike most illustrations, however, the creation process for this particular comic took a serious toll on us, both creatively and emotionally,” they shared on the brainstorming to announce their pregnancy. The videos revealed that Yehuda had also relied on his comics to channel his postpartum depression after Ariel was born.

We can only feel happy seeing how this family seems to feel more ready for their second child and pray for their future happiness together!

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