‘I’m £38K In Debt Partly Due To Careless Spending, I Still Went On Holiday In Ibiza’

Yasmine Camilla from London landed herself in over £38,000 of debt due to careless spending during the pandemic. The 35-Year-Old took to TikTok to share her debt journey in the hope of helping others with money struggles while she equally defended her holiday trip to Ibiza.

Yasmine Camilla, 35, struggled during the pandemic, yet she found herself in over £38,000 of debt due to careless spending.

The single mom-of-two explained that she was keen to get out of debt to leave the home she owns with her ex, who left her two years ago. Yasmine has two credit cards and five personal loans but explained that her debt results from several factors.

Her debts which resulted from several factors, are made up of variations of loans and credit cards.

“My income went down during the pandemic, and my outgoings went up; a lot of people managed to save money I didn’t. I’m a single parent, and I paid for anything I possibly could to make things easier. I was working a stressful job at the time, which I’ve now left.” Yasmine said in the clip.

You asked, I provided, the final total of my current debt *for the trolls, I’m not proud; I’m keeping positive! ##uk ##moneytok ##singlemum ##debt

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The single mom-of-two decided to share her debt journey to help others struggling with money woes.

She added: “I’ve got a job that pays more now. I was paying for childcare when it was allowed because the kids weren’t in school, so my expenses just generally went up. That said, there were some things I’ve spent money on that I shouldn’t have, and that was to cheer myself up because I was depressed, which I wouldn’t recommend.”

Yasmine’s debts stood at £38,632.79, but she’s determined to clear it off (pictured with her children)

Yasmine’s total debt stands at £38,632.79, yet she was determined to clear it all. “I am attempting to do this without damaging my credit rating because I want to have options about my mortgage when I’m done. Cutting costs and trying to earn more is my main focus.” She stated. However, her followers were startled to see the mom sharing her videos about her debt problems from a sun lounger in Ibiza.

She intends to clear the debt without damaging her credit ratings to have options about her mortgage.

“I want to know how you can afford to go Ibiza.” One person commented. Another added: “What are you doing on holiday?” In response, Yasmine hit back at trolls, explaining that the trip had already been paid for. She revealed that she’s aware that social media can paint an entirely different photo to reality regarding finances.

However, her fans were startled to see the mom enjoying a sun lounger in Ibiza, to which she responded that the trip had already been paid for.

“For sure I have a nice house, I just went on holiday, I have pretty clothes and a good job – but sometimes I said things like “I can’t afford” or “I mustn’t spend xx,” and it struck me that my finances were at total odds with how it looks on here.” Yasmine defended herself on Instagram.

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