‘I’m Dating My Son’s Friend – I’m Double His Age We Had To Come Out To Them’

There’s no formula to getting a parent-children relationship right. Importantly, such a relationship naturally involves being free to share anything. And in this situation, the children of Tanya, 40, seem supportive after she revealed that she’s dating one of son’s older friend.

Love knows no age! Tanya, 40, is dating her sons’ older friend, who is 17 years younger than her.

Taking to TikTok, Tanya introduced her new beau named Josue, 22, and claimed they have a 17-Year age gap. In a clip that has amassed over 5million views and thousands of comments, Tanya was seen kissing Josue before she also claimed that her sons were aware all along.

All of her sons know about the relationship and are fully in support.

Interestingly, her children are entirely in support of her new relationship, but then her followers were far from being supportive of her newfound love. Many have since deemed the relationship ‘unacceptable.’ In particular, the clip was captioned: “Coming out to my sons that I’m dating their older friend.”

Tanya described Josue as her soulmate and revealed she aims at normalizing age-gap relationships.

In response to the clip, someone wrote: “This doesn’t sit right with me.” Another said: “You are old enough to be his mother.” While a third stated: “Sounds like he needs a place to say.” So far, the negative energies aren’t getting at Tanya, as she has described Josue as her soulmate and revealed her aim to normalize age gap relationships.

However, TikTokers are far from being supportive but the couple remains unbothered.

“We see the feedback; we’re actually unbothered,” Tanya added. However, a few defended the connection, saying that so long as Tanya and Josue are happy, that was all that mattered. On the other hand, in another clip, Tanya mentioned to trolls that she and Josue have been courting for a year and a half and have love in widespread.

The duo has been dating for over a year and a half now.

Here’s How People Reacted To The Love Story:


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