‘I’m Dating My Step-bro After Being With His BFF For 7 Years’

Scarlett who has been dating her then-boyfriend of 7 years suddenly fell in love with someone else. That ‘someone’ was no other than his boyfriend’s homie. Which is, you know, understandably… tragic for the man.

But the shocking part was that that homie was also her stepbrother.

Tayo Ricci is a famous TikTok user known as the CEO of shirtless singing. Meanwhile, Scarlett is an actress with more than 640k followers on TikTok.

Scars share how she was dared to kiss her bf’s homie, a.k.a., her stepbrother

“I dare you to kiss your bf’s homie right now,” the man proposed. While she was initially reluctant, her boyfriend nervously agreed and said, “Make it quick.”

And that soon turned a little chaotic as they got a bit passionate and wouldn’t stop.

“I fell in love with my bf’s best friend… who happens to be my step bro,” Scars wrote.

In another clip where Scars asked what he’d be doing on his last day on earth, Tayo gave a straight answer.

“You, I would impregnate you,” he said. “Um, you’re my stepbrother. That’s kinda f-ed up,” she reacted with a laugh.

“Why are you laughing? I know what I want and I get what I want and I want our legacy to live on. If Adam and Eve could do it and they started this world, then so can we.”

“Everyone grilling us online for being in love… you know, that doesn’t matter the fact that we have the same mom.”

My step brother wants to impregnate me

“Like, wtf, I love you,” said the man. His sister, swooned, replied with, “I love you, too, baby.”


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