‘I’ve Been Nipple Disgraced For Not Wearing A Bra – It’s Not My Issue, It’s No Mystery I’ve Got Them’

Sometimes, every woman dreams of not wearing a bra, but it remains challenging because of our society. However, Kornelija Slunjski of Croatia recently went all out without having a bra on, and as expected, she got trolled and shamed. Taking to TikTok, Kornelija shared a clip hinged on comments she received due to not wearing a bra.

Kornelija Slunjski claims she’s unbothered with the negative comments she gets for not wearing a bra.

The social media influencer and makeup artist living in Miami, Florida, claimed she’s no stranger to being shamed, although she gets positive comments too. In particular, her clip has since sparked a debate online following her revelation of some of the comments she gets and precisely how she shuts them down.

Recently, the Makeup artist took to TikTok to share some of the comments and precisely how she shuts them off.

“I can see your nipples through your shirt.” @KokoBeaute said in the clip as she reenacted some of the conversations she has had. “Okay,” she responds. “You should put a bra on.” “Is it a secret that I have nipples?” “No, it’s just inappropriate.” “It’s inappropriate to have nipples?” “No, it’s inappropriate to show your nipples.”

Kornelija from Croatia insists that it’s inappropriate to talk about someone else’s nipplz.

“I think it’s more inappropriate to talk about somebody else’s nipples.” “We wouldn’t have to talk about it if you put a bra on.” “Actually, we wouldn’t have to talk about it if your mindset would grow out of the 1950s.” So far, the comment section has been left divided. Some people were left stunned at how Kornelija defended herself.

Kornelija feels the people who get uncomfortable with women without a bra have the mindset of the 1950s.

Some TikTokers agreed that it shouldn’t matter, but a few said it was zero ‘classy.’

A few thought it wasn’t classy to show off the nips. One person in support of Kornelija wrote: “I mean, it’s a body part!! I don’t know why people freak out about the dumbest things. If it bothers you, then don’t look.” Another in disagreement added: “It’s not a secret or inappropriate. It’s just zero classy.” A third commented: “Nah, save it for the bedroom, honey.”

Do you agree with Kornelija’s perspective?

However, Kornelija’s post has been met with divided opinions, and here’s proof:

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