Karma Strikes Man Illegally Parked In A Disabled Parking Spot

Often to make some people understand, you need sensational acts that no one will forget. So what happened here is a perfect example.

A group of young people wanted to make an example of car who they found was parked in an area reserved for the disabled. But what they did was a less than subtle technique! His car was painstakingly covered with white and blue post-it notes. It is clear he must have been parked there for quite a while given the sheer volume and detail.

A crowd that gathered near by cheered as the inconsiderate driver returned to find his entire car had been covered with a blue badge symbol.

Of course, he was less than happy to see what had been done. The owner was captured furiously trying to rip off the blue and white post-it notes plastered all over his car. Eventually, he managed to clear just enough space to see out of the windscreen and his side window. But while trying to flee he almost collides with another car as he finally accelerates off in anger.

It is claimed that this was a prank or in some way staged for youtube

Either way we hope the message got through to both the man in question and anyone else who thinks about parking illegally. Next time we hope he will pay more attention and park more appropriately with consideration to others.

Source – YouTube – BrazilianGuy

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