Katy Perry’s New Dark Hair Transformation Gets 2M Likes Overnight On Instagram

Katy Perry has a unique fashion taste and anyone who’s seen her in her early years knows her iconic black hair. For a long while, she switched to blonde hair, but as if her new status as a mother brings about great changes, she embraces the dark hair color once more.

In 2008, she appeared with black hair in ‘I Kissed A Girl.’ When it comes to hairstyle, she shared with Glamour, “I’m naturally the most boring dishwater squirrel brown” about her natural light brown shade.

Throughout her career, she even rocked this Pixie cut in 2017 and dyed it in several colors!

She continues to grow her hair longer, keeping the blonde shade. With a shoulder length hair, Katy really looks like she stole back a couple of years on her looks.

After she had her first newborn baby daughter Daisy Dove in August, Katy looks glowing and shared a post with over 3.5m likes now! With the caption ‘Mother,’ she was seen rocking her waist-long golden brown hair in a glamorous golden gown.

But it seems that Katy Perry is back to embracing the new black hair!

In the most recent transformation, she’s seen rocking her black hair again. She also gave it the same caption as her previous selfies, ‘Mother.’

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