Kendall Jenner has responded to people who couldn’t stop comparing their bodies to her most recent SKIMS photo

Social media is a scary place. The things it represents as “real” can actually be destructive to some people. But that was not what Kendall Jenner intended when she shared a post on Instagram and Twitter. Who doesn’t know how perfect Kendall’s body always is in her posts? But the latest in Skim underwear underlines it again

Kendall shared some behind-the-scenes on her Skim photoshoot.

Kendall showed off an incredible figure in the reddish-orange underwear. Her smooth skin looked flawless as she looked on her smartphone when she snapped the selfie. The perfect figure had stirred fans online because of how desirable she looks. Nothing new.

But with body positivity movement going stronger, people remind each other not to feel down from it!

One comment under the post reads, “Ladies, if you’re reading this, you are beautiful regardless of your body type. Don’t let social media tell you how you should look. These beauty standards are ridiculous. Be content.”

Body insecurities are real, even among models. Non-celebrities suffer because they don’t always have the time nor mental capacity to stick to a strict diet. But celebrities, especially supermodels, are required to adhere to strict meal plans and workout schedules because a slight change in their body can mean losing their job!

Some people have also argued that Kendall’s pictures are heavily Photoshopped.

One of them even came up with an in-depth analysis of her pictures, comparing them with different pictures from other accounts and videos of similar settings.

One reads, “She is posing in both, yet one is clearly Photoshopped. No one’s belly button is just a slit. Nobody has a completely flat stomach 24/7.”

“The smoothing around the bikini line is ridiculous. Nobody looks like that. Girls have lines, razor bumps, discoloration, etc. Nobody is completely smooth down there.”

“Please don’t compare yourself to heavily edited images,” said the exposer.

Kendall gave her replies to people!

Kendall has been known to be pretty active and engage with her fans every now and then. She addressed the recent “Mini Thong” selfie she shared and said, “I have bad days, too and that I hear you!”

She encouraged people that they are just beautiful the way they are and things aren’t always perfect like what how they think it is.

It isn’t like it’s impossible for people to also pose to achieve that shape either!

Her replies have also helped other women gain confidence in their own bodies.

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