Kim Kardashian Gifts North A $65,625 Michael Jackson’s Actual Jacket For Christmas

Kim Kardashian has became another Internet sensation after daughter North West was seen wearing a $10,000 Birkin bag on Monday. She and Kanye West have actually bought North an old jacket for Christmas this year.

And it’s not just any jacket – it’s Michael Jackson’s jacket that he wore to Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday in 1997.

After the late King of pop’s death, his jacket has been auctioned at was sold back in October for $65,625. Posting it to social media, Kim said, “Kanye and I gave North this jacket, and, this was Michael Jackson’s jacket that he wore with Elizabeth Taylor.”

“North is a really big Michael Jackson fan and we knew she would love this,” she added.

They also ‘had it tacked up so she could wear it’ as the jacket is obviously too big for the 6-year-old girl.

Included in the jacket is a picture of Michael Jackson holding the hand of Elizabeth Taylor.

Back on October, 2019, CNN reported that the designer jacket had been auctioned at $65,625 but the winner was not named. Many had also said that Kim and Kanye had overpaid as the jacket was estimated to have worth no more than $20,000.

It also has the name of Michael’s longtime costume designers, Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush written on the jacket. It comes with tag ‘dry clean only’.

This came after Kim had North rock her new clothing line with a $10,000 Birkin bag.

Previously, Kim shared a picture of her family with North wearing her new clothing line and a Birkin by Hermes bag. Definitely living the celebrity life!

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