Ladies Go up against A ‘Creep’ Secretly Taking Photographs Of Them At The Pool

Always be alert and remember to stay safe, people, especially women, because you never know when a creepy man is spying on you like the guy TikTok star maiphammy caught when she was playing at the pool with her friends. Scary!

Maiphammy is an 18-year-old YouTuber who recently went viral with her recent video of catching a creep red-handed.

Maiphammy did not forget to turn on the voice recorder before confronting the man. She and her friends walked over and told the perpetrator, “Excuse me, I’d really appreciate it if you deleted the photos of us off your phone.”

The man did not immediately admit his wrongdoing, but the women kept pressuring, “Show us your camera roll.”

He tried to shift the blame back by saying, “We’re in the same situation. I don’t understand.”

“Just show us your camera roll that you didn’t take photos of us,” the woman replied.

Trembling, the man finally gave in and showed his Album.

The TikTok video captioned, “Decided to confront a creep taking pics of us when we were just trying to hang by the pool. HE TRIED DENYING IT.”

They made sure the man deleted every single picture of them, including videos that he might have recorded. While he was at it, they were shocked at how many pictures of them he had stored away.

“Stay safe out there ladies.”

The TikTok video has been viewed 5 million times with more than 739k likes. Multiple users were commenting on how brave and relatable the experience is.

“You guys did the best thing; you’re so brave,” one wrote.

Another added, “He’s so scared.”

One reminded that it would also be a wise step to call for management or staff to help deal with the situation.

Such a scary experience! We really can’t let our guard down for one second and this happens.

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