Lady Posts Winning Ticket on Facebook

Winning money from any bet is enough to make anyone celebrate. These days, celebrations usually include a selfie posted to social media. But one Aussie woman learned the hard way. Although celebrating your winning on social media might not be a bad thing, posting a picture of the winning ticket is.

A woman who posted a selfie of her winning Melbourne Cup ticket that included its barcode has been robbed of her $825 winnings. “Winner winner chicken dinner,” read the caption on the photograph of an elated Chantelle holding her winning ticket.

The Perth woman shattered the 101-to-1 odds which saw the victory of Prince of Penzance and jockey Michelle Payne in the Melbourne Cup. Unfortunately, someone else capitalized on her winnings before she could. After they used the barcode on the clearly visible ticket to withdraw the cash from an automated machine.

Image Credit – MASHABLE

When Chantelle went to cash in her winning ticket, she was told it had already been claimed. The barcode was used by an unknown person to withdraw the money from an automated machine. “Someone had a pretty good game at filtering my picture and cutting out my barcode and putting it into an automated machine,” Chantelle said.

What was even more devastating was Chantelle realized that the culprit must of been one of her ‘friends’ on Facebook.

She later posted. “To the low life who is obviously my friend on Facebook and used my photo to claim our winnings. You’re a massive d*ck. You ruined my day.”

This incident comes as as a warning to social media users posting seemingly innocent images that may contain sensitive information. No matter how celebratory the occasion.

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