Lady Turned Away From A Party Bus Because Of Her Size, Shares Her Experience On Social Media

Body positivity advocate, Fallon Melillo, had to share an embarrassing experience when she was recently turned away from a party bus in Miami because of her appearance.

The 27-year-old was told her size doesn’t allow her to board the bus that was headed for the party.

The location of the party of a club called Daer, which is located inside Hard Rock Hotel. The group of friends got their tickets from Eventbrite, and they would be boarding the Spring Break Miami Party Service Bus. When they bought their tickets, they saw a warning: “Sorry, no big girls for this party!”

This is already questionable, but in 2021, people probably don’t expect that you’d be turned away from the bus because of your size.

“The doorman is very strict on appearance. If you have had problems getting into exclusive clubs before, then this is not for you! Please don’t waste your time nor ours thinking that we can get you inside if you do not meet the qualifications,” the site continued.

She clarified, “The actual dayclub, Daer Dayclub, has nothing to do with this party bus service. It’s like a 3rd-party company. We actually reached out to Daer and asked if they do any type of discrimination against weight, and they said, ‘No.’”

While Fallon admits it was probably not illegal for them on this, it was still awful service.

“It’s just downright awful, and rude, and humiliating,” said Fallon.

“We ended up going there, and they turned us away at the door because I am plus-size, as you can see,” she did a quick twirl to show her full body on camera.

“I’m bigger than, I guess, the average girl. And they decided to tell us that we can’t get on the party bus.”

The group decided not to ride on the bus and got a refund. But Fallon still saw this as a horrible experience for someone like her who’s been an advocate for body positivity.

In a later video, she clarified once again that she never had any problem getting into clubs, such as LIV or Daer themselves. It was just the party bus that decided to discriminate against their passengers.

It appears that the company had also attempted to switch names more than once and reworded its service description: “A model look is encouraged.”

What in the world is a “model look”? Fallon got frustrated at it also, pointing out that the general size of women is between 12-16, not 2.

So far, she has not been contacted by the hotel or the party bus directly. Weight should be a protected class!

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