Lady Who Denied To Cut Her Hair Since 5 Y.O. And Now At 34, She Looks Like A Real-Life Rapunzel

Many people have long wished for long luscious locks, and we all are aware that having perfect long hair comes with two major prices.

First: One needs to be extremely patient and The Second: Genetics – Regardless of the type of products used, some hair is prone to breakage. If you are, however, the opposite of the first, it’s best to admire those blessed with both prices.

Here’s one being to admire: 34-Year-old Alena Kravchenko from Odesa, Ukraine. Alena is now widely recognized as a Real-Life Rapunzel with her 6-foot -1.8 meters long luscious hair.

The beautiful diva has been growing her hair since age 5, after being inspired by mother. ‘From an early age, my mother imbibed a love for long hair in me.’ Alena said.

With her hair outgrowing her height of 5’6’’, Alena hasn’t thought of cutting her hair.

She told Bored Panda: ‘The love for my braid is very strong that for a second in my whole life I haven’t thought of a haircut. I can’t see or imagine myself having short hair or dyed hair in a different color.’

Admitting her long beautiful locks requires time, Alena also said it’s fun for her as she entirely loves her hair.

‘It’s not difficult for me when it comes to the constant care of them. It’s a thing of joy because it’s part of me. My beauty and Wealth!’ Alena said.

Majorly, Alena keeps her hair healthy by allowing it to dry naturally before using products to nourish. ‘The major thing I don’t do with my hair: I don’t dry it with a hairdryer or a curling irons.’

‘I don’t comb my wet hair (it’s a taboo). I wash it once a week and use natural masks, different kinds of oil to nourish it. I use dried fruits, homemade cottage cheese, and nuts.’ Alena revealed.

She explained: ‘To have a long and beautiful hair, want and love the things you do.’

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