Life Hacks That Could Change Your Life

People are searching more and more for ways to make life easier for themselves. These hacks that have been shared on line are a great bunch of ideas that are sure to come in useful at some point. Take a look and see if you’ve tried any of them before.

1.The perfect way to hide some emergency money and ensure its not stolen, use an empty chap stick/lip balm tube, empty it out, and roll some money up. It an be put inside with the cap on and no one would have a clue.

2.There is nothing worse than driving at night and not being able to see and not being seen properly. To eliminate that problem, just use some toothpaste to clear your hazy car headlights.

3.What is worse than trying to get into the hard plastic blister packaging around some store bought items?! To avoid getting hurt by the sharp plastic simply grab a can opener.

4.I’m sure we all have a messy draw that’s just crammed full of tangled charger cables. This will be a thing of the past when you use this cheap but effective way of successfully storing all the leads neatly away.

5.Sometimes it is hard to see all your cleaning products when they are piled into a cupboard. This easy hack lets you see all the products, so well as keeping them out of reach of little children. And you’ll save room in the cupboards!

6.We hate when our cook books flip to the wrong page when we are half way through a recipe. You have a job to find the right page again without getting sticky fingers all over the pages. Well with this brilliant idea, you have hang your book up on a pants hanger!

7.Don’t have any fancy serving bowls, or just don’t want to the hassle of washing up a million different things. Try this easy muffin tin hack to serve every condiment at a BBQ

8. Whats not to love with this fab idea. Up cycle an old crib that’s no longer in use into a cute little desk.



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