Man Shocks His Wife By Screaming at Her in The Kitchen

A woman is cooking dinner when her husband comes rushing in…

He frantically runs over to the stove and tried to take the spoon from her hand, while yelling, ‘Stir faster! You’ve going too slow, it’s going to burn!’

Startled she begins stirring quickly.

‘Stop!’ Her husband yells… ‘You’re splashing it everywhere!’

‘Watch out!’ He yells. ‘The pie is burning’ ‘Quick, get it out of the oven!’

She runs to the oven to check on the pie, which is fine.

As she’s bent over the oven, her husband again startles her…. ‘Quick! The soup is sticking! Why aren’t you stirring?!’

Breathless the woman gasps, ‘What is wrong with you? I have everything under control.’

Smiling he says, ‘Now you know how I feel when I’m driving.’

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